Liberty Christian Academy Staff Contact Us

2016-2017 Admin. Staff

Mr. Duncan Edge- Administrator

Mr. Roger Gafken- JH/HS Principal

Mrs. Shawn Smith- Elem. Supervisor

2016-2017 Staff

Mr. David Iding- A.D.

Mrs. Erin Reynolds- Secretary

Mrs. Jody Welch- Receptionist

Mrs. Linda Knowles- Financial

Mrs. Margaret Gregorin- Records

Mr. Doug Williams- Maintenance

Mrs. Paula Oldham- Admin. Assistant

Mrs. Sharon Davis- Receptionist

Mrs. Becky Gafken- Lunchroom Coord.

Mrs. Nellie Colon- After Care

Mrs. Yolanda Rivera- After Care

Mrs. Christy Alderson- TA

Miss Morgan Smith- TA

Mrs. Loretta Nelsen- Elementary PE

Daniel Kellberg Class of 2016 Valedictorian

The Class of 2016

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Employment Opportunities for the 2016-2017 School Year

2016-2017 Faculty

Elementary Teachers

K3- Mrs. Lori Ballard

K4- Mrs. Sherry Kellberg

K5A- Mrs. Tammie Harvatin

K5B- Mrs. Ashton Bowstring

1st - Mrs. Susan Stegall

FT 1st Grade Assistant- Mrs. Ashley Giacosa

2nd - Ms. Christina Ojeda

3rd - Mrs. Cynthia Carter

4th - Mrs. Shawn Smith

5th - Mrs. Melissa Powell

6th - Mrs. Mabel Jackson

JH/HS Teachers

Mr. Duncan Edge

Mrs. Daisy Soto

Mr. Josh McKeown

Mr. Gerald Oldham

Mr. Chris Cox

Mrs. Margaret Gregorin

Mrs. Kellie Langston

Miss Katie Love

Mrs. Trabille Cobb

Mr. Ken Salzman

Mr. Deno Poulos

Mrs. Michelle Pickett

Mrs. Jill Young

Mr. Roger Gafken


Substitute Teachers

Employment Information

*If you are interested in joining the ministry team of Liberty Christian Academy/SPBC, please download the following forms and submit the completed forms along with a current resume to:

Liberty Christian Academy

Attn: Administrator

6548 Rockfish Rd.

Fayetteville, NC 28306

or email the documents to

Employment Forms

*These files can be completed with any PDF program. You can electronically fill out the application online, print or email it to LCA.

LCA Employment Application

LCA Staff Faculty Questionnaire

Pastoral Recommendation Form

LCA Background Check Form

Matthew 18 Form

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  • Author: Ravi Zacharias, Norman Geisler
  • Pgs: 224
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"A teacher affects eternity; He never can tell where his influence stops."

-Henry Brooks Adams