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Liberty Christian Academy fosters community and friendship through our active student life on campus as well as off-campus. Students are formed spiritually through faith-based activities, physically through outdoor adventure & sports, socially through competitions & events, and artistically through art classes & yearbook. From Art Club to Horticulture, students can choose to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. 

Elementary students participate in chapels, art, chess club, and Jr. Knights Athletics that allow for the development of leaders at a young age.

‚ÄčIn middle school, students have the opportunity to spread their wings and participate in weekly chapel services, join academic clubs, and participate in middle school athletics.

By the time a student enters high school, clubs are meeting during lunch, and after-school activities through academics, arts, and athletics are encouraged. High school students have the opportunity to visit our friends at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters where strong friendships and a love for Christ are fortified. 

Community Service

Our High School students participate in four community service projects a semester. Learning the gift of service is a very important skill we try to instill in our high school students. 

Our Knights Support:

The Agape Pregnancy Center

Baptist on Missions

Fayetteville Urban Ministry

The Bicycle Man

Falcon Children's Home

Operation Christmas Child

Open Enrollment